This Parrot thinks She’s HUMAN !

Welcome back to another episode from “Parrot Whisperers’ Birds/Parrots”. This Galah (Rose-breasted Cockatoo) thinks she’s human!. Few Weeks after Parrot …

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22 thoughts on “This Parrot thinks She’s HUMAN !

  1. cute! i have a 5 month old quaker i got about 2 months ago and hes already bonded to me and follows me everywere but theres one problem, for some reason he doesnt seem to know how to hold on to anything and just stands flat footed on everything and oftern falls off my shoulder and even his perches in his cage XD we know he can grip because he climbs up and down his cage and up my curtain in my room but for some reason when it comes to a perch he jsut stands flat footed and wont grip. any info u guy might have on how to fix this?

  2. hey parrot whisperer
    my budgie is super scared everytime I come close to the bird he will fly away can u give me tips of how I can tame him?
    he bites some times I tried over 7 methods on YouTube for like 3 months but none of them did work..
    please help me!

  3. hi mate I have a 5 month old double yellow headed Amazon parrot he dose not like me touching his head I really won't to give him scratches will he let me in time is there anything I can do to build his trust I will go back and look at your videos but I was wondering if you have any advice

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