The Sad Story of Our Conure, Paco | PARROT STORY TIME SUNDAY

Hello parrot lovers, My sister Genna has been following your posts on Parrot Station (Facebook) and after seeing all of your beautiful Conures, she wanted to …

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45 thoughts on “The Sad Story of Our Conure, Paco | PARROT STORY TIME SUNDAY

  1. Oh shit! Had me balling my eyes out! Make sure you take your time when you make the decision to get your next conure!! (I imagine you would) but holy crap, Benny the Ekkie is my second solo bird ever!! After I lost my green cheek conure years ago, Wyatt I was devasted! After him I got two pairs of conures 1 pair was a gift and I just wasn't ready and the second pair were crazy and hilarious, ended up cracking their cage open and flying away!! Gosh they are the funniest most sweetest birds! Waiting for the right time and taking my time when getting my Eclectus was the greatest thing I've done. I'm sorry for your loss of Paco! Xx

  2. You two are amazing humans! i love this channel so much! 🙂
    I teared up in this video, RIP PACO. I recently lost my cockatiel in a very tragic way, i miss him and think about him all the time. I have a picture frame of him as well. <3

  3. Aww Mango is being so empathetic towards you! Just quietly sitting on your shoulder and listening to you talk, how sweet. Paco sounds like such an amazing bird, I have a maroon-bellied conure and conure's really are just so spectacular, so happy to have one in my flock. Love both you guys heaps, Paco lives forever in your heart Genna <3

  4. Awww genna that's a sad story I can feel the love you had for paco. I have a green cheek conure named chu chu that is turning one year old on the 20th. He's the sweetest little bird. You should definitely be included in more videos. You are a natural on camera. ❤️?

  5. I have sun Concure her name Sunny. She such protected of me She a great little bird always makes me smile. So funny I sometimes put her in the bathroom she like the steam. when she has to poop she leave her cage and go in bathrooms to due her business then fly back to cage. so funny..

  6. you two look like twins! you even talk in the same way?. and is it the camera making your eyes look like that, or contacts? just finished the video ? poor Paco, I'm sure you guys gave him a great parrot life though!

  7. nawwwwwwwwwwwwww i would be devastated if anything happened to my conure my mum had a green cheek conure and it past away at about 10 years old and she cried for like 2 years everytime she spoke about the conure

  8. Hello Jenna. I have had a cockatiel for four years now. Her name is Mango too! I recently got her another bird the same breed (Charlie) as she was very lonely. (three of her mates passed). They often have fun now too. They fight though haha. I have gotten her this bird because she just doesn't trust me enough. I've tamed her correctly, but she takes a bit more time before anything. She needs time. She doesn't let me rub her head, and she doesn't have anyone to take them out. She takes Charlies pin feathers out but he doesn't take hers out.. he is too young to understand. How do I gain her trust and they DO NOT want to be separated and I haven't hand tamed Charlie yet. Thank you.

    And Your story was very inspirational to me.. It brought me to tears. I was bawling. I really wish I got to meet Paco aha. Beautiful story. He is in a better place right now… Probably knocking over bottles hehe. Cheerio Jenna. ♡

  9. First birds are the best and the worse at the same time. They confirm your your love for the bird. You learn lots of information and then you learn saying good bye is never what you expected. Thanks Jenna for shareing.. You and your sister should check out the Youtube channel "Just Parrots" I think it will be a suprise for both of you. It will confirm that there are a lot of people like us in the world. BIRD CRAZY. One last thing I always get a little misty eyed when I start to think about my first rescued parrot Peppe!

  10. I adore my Sun Conuere, Cosmo. I'm so sorry for your loss. We really never get over it. My baby has brought me such comfort over the years, especially when both my parents passed away within three months of each other. They know your joy and ones sorrow. Thank you for posting and sharing Poco's story. ♥♥♥

  11. Hey Genna. Thanks for sharing your story, very moving. If you want the perfect conure, try to see if you can find anyone with a blue throated conure. They're a very silent species, and beautiful in colour as well. I've heard they're hard to find in the states. But i've seen a few others with a blue throated conure, so i guess there is a couple breeders spread all over the states. Here in europe we only have 12 breeders, there's only about 4000-14000 individual birds left in the wild. They come from Rio De Janiero and is on the red list of endangered species. So another reason to take extra good care of them They are truly wonderful companions!

  12. Love your family's devotion to birds. I like seeing the play stands and cage in every room. So cool. It gives me ideas for my set up. I am not a Cockatoo person but Jersey is my favourite. I just love this bird! Please give him a kiss for me.

  13. Bless your heart. So sorry about Paco—it's obvious you have lots of love in heart for animals. Love your story telling–your voice is very relaxing and soothing which I am sure all animals appreciate. Thank you for sharing. ?

  14. i have 3 doves and they lost trust in me only one of them i can get on my hand without food and the 3rd one does not get on my hand at all and its very scared of me . everyday i feed them and give them water and they are not scared of my hand but if i place it in the cage 2 of them go as far away as possible and only the one that trusts me more comes closer but never steps up on her own and when i get het to step up she automatically gets off wwhen i try to get her out of the cage . i put them in my room open the door and only once from like 20 times one of them came out and took food from my hand but after he got scared and tried to go into his cage but he crashed and i slowly picked him up very gently and placed him back idk what to do i really want to bond with them they are truly amazing but they were my dads and he didnt take good care of them at all for the last 5 years so i decided to take them . its realy hard for me seeing them so scared ik they are not parrots but ik they are smart and i love them so much! please help me

  15. A lot of people who don't have birds or aren't around them dont get it. My dad said he had an uncle who would watch and talk with them for hours. He thought he was crazy. He said to me recently he gets it now with my birds. They are wonderful animals. And he loves them and they make him laugh. When they Come into your life it changes everything. I am new to the love of birds and I feel like I missed out so many years on these wonderful animals. I look at my two sunconures and they really are speacial sensitive animals that even when your day isn't great they make you smile. It's been so educational and interesting. The thought of the day when it maybe their last while listening to you upset about Paco made my heart ache. R.I.P Paco!

  16. Your voice is a pleasure. Could you give your sister the hint not always to act in the exaggerated CNN anchor style? If she makes videos where she is sleepy… She is much more natural and real. Sometimes less is more. Expecially if you are already very present.

  17. is it ok if my bird watches these videos with me because he seems pretty interested in Marlene mchohen's birds and I was just worried that this could be mentally damaging for him to interact with birds that aren't actually there could someone please answer

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