The Kakariki (Red-crowned Parakeet), a lively and curious bird!

My entertaining Kakarikis in the aviary. They were once widespread in New-zealand but now confined to Stewart Island/Rakiura and a number of offshore …

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27 thoughts on “The Kakariki (Red-crowned Parakeet), a lively and curious bird!

  1. I need help. My kakariki try's to attack my other birds. Especially my budgie as soon as he sees the budgie his pupils go in n out very fast. It's scary to see and as he's jumping to him he makes a weird angry noise. The kakariki has been like that since he was 8 weeks old when I got him. He'll be 1 on the 18/2/12

  2. It's a king quail. The fundaments of the aviary are 1m deep, so no mouse could ever get in, or it should be a supermouse. But as far as I know, supermouses don't exist 😉

  3. Sorry for the late reaction! You could try that, they surely won't kill each other :p, but I would personally not do that because for a kakariki, everything that moves is interesting. Especially if the moving thing is the same species :). so she would probably only disturb the other pair. It's better if you keep them in pairs. And in my opinion, you get the best result when you keep in pairs without other birds.

  4. My kakariki never let me touch them but after I enter the aviary they don´t hesitate to come play with my shoelaces or bite my shoes.
    Artoo, do you know of we sure would appreciate if you could join the forum and share your experiences keeping kakariki in a colony.

  5. Hi , nice video can you tell me please are they cocks or hens or both . I have an aviary with lots of different birds in it a proven pair of kakarikis and sadly a hen that has been widowed lately I want to know would it be ok to put the hen in the aviary too ?

  6. Same here! I'm not allowed to touch them, but they are always sitting on my head or shoulder 😉
    I feed the meal worms alive, but you can give them frozen ones also. Providing that you thaw them out in advance 😀

  7. Thanks I'm going to try that. R they alive or dead when u buy them I don't mind either way lol he was only born on the 20th feb 2012 I've had him since April won't let me touch him yet but he come on to me when he's out think he's just testing me lol

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