Talking parrot amazing

Whether u tease him or he teases u thats how he plays… sometimes when i m not doing anything he comes to me n start moving head like this n tries to tell me to …

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46 thoughts on “Talking parrot amazing

  1. Let me set the record straight; THIS IS CRUEL. Parrots/birds do naturally play with each other by jousting at their mates&'friends' with their beaks. This however, is an unsocialised baby indian ringneck parrot, who's wings have been visibly clipped so he is unable to take flight (which is what he would be doing if he could!) Instead he is only able to display extremely distressed body language&signals, ie trying2run away in fear, it doesn't work so he resorts to trying defensive wing displays etc. This video is the perfect example of how NOT to treat a parrot of ANY age. Repulsive.?

  2. He might be actually desensitization training this bird for educational purposes. If he takes the birds to schools to teach or if he's in an aviary or something then the bird will have to learn how to tolerate if things like that occur.

  3. You are a real POS. your no better than a circus trainer training animals to perform thru violent acts. You do not train a bird nor treat them like this. Anyone who thinks this is cute does not own a bird and knows better. When these animals get older and fight back this a hole will know he should have respected them. This is sickening.

  4. I know he is not actually hurting the bird. But Im sure if I waved my finger in his face like that it would make him angry to =/. Simply its not cute or amusing because its a forced (negative one at that) reaction.

  5. This bird's pupils are dilating, he's not breaking eye contact, he's pacing, he's puffing his feathers, AND charging with and open and quite sharp beak. This bird is perceiving this sort of "play" as a threat. This bird isn't playing. He's giving you the signs that he's quite upset. So don't make those fast moments and seeming like your hand is charging at him. This bird thinks he needs to defend himself.

  6. I wonder how many of the negative comments actually own parrots.  My green cheek is visibly angry with me if I forget to play fight with him at least once a day.  Sometimes he comes up and gives me kisses (noise and all) to try to beg me to fight him, and I'm sure it looks far more vicious than that.

  7. You guys are all fucking stupid, he is playing wi his pet. The bird is not going to hate him, by the way he was putting his finger to the bird, backside first, the bird knew it wasn't a threat and it was time to play.

  8. what the f*** is wrong with you you don't handle a bird like that he just sees you as a big bully and you are. I hope you get a dog and you poke at it and then it bites you're f****** finger off

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