Sweet & Funny Cockatoo Love – DIRECTOR’S CUT

Director’s Cut of the original viral cockatoo mating video, with extra 2 min. 50 sec. of footage. See the scheming female cockatoo check me out before she begins …

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21 thoughts on “Sweet & Funny Cockatoo Love – DIRECTOR’S CUT

  1. LOLOL…Thanks 'Evil Penguins' for starting my day with such a hearty laugh…It appears that sultry Miss Gypsy Rose "Lee-A-Too's" "headache" finally went away to the delight of her boyfriend… (^/^)

  2. I just love how the male doesn't get it, and keep switching sides when she's hopping around.
    It's like, "OK, you wanna stand over here? I'll just flip to the other side."

  3. Hahahahaha? I'll die here. OMG? Even birds has this naughtyness in their small brain? Though, these species of birds are known to be smart, i should have expected them to be just like with human thinking too. ?????

  4. My, it DOES change things when you get the whole picture. She sure had to work hard. "C'mon, time to make some eggs!" Maybe he needs some birdy Viagra.

    And I love it when the lightbulb goes off in his head (or elsewhere) at 2:24.

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