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Hello parrot lovers! It is finally here ! As promised, my 10000 subscriber film release of the parrot movie SNIFFERS! I really hope you guys like this film! It’s one of …

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42 thoughts on “SNIFFERS… The parrot movie | by PARROT TALK

  1. All I ever wanted when I was a kid , was a parrot. I begged my parents but they always came up with an excuse. You won't have time , too expensive , etc. Fucking bullshit they robbed me of this feather sniffing experience. I'm so pissed bc this reminded me so much of my yearning for a parrot, even a fucking cockatiel , anything! Lost childhood. And now I'm a grown ass man that actually has no time for one . Btw funny as hell good job!

  2. I only found your videos recently but I LOVE them sooooo much!!! When I heard you talking about this movie I was so excited!!! But then I got a few seconds in and there it was. The advocation of interracial relationships. Had to stop the movie as this is totally against scripture and being very religious I can't subject myself to something I know is wrong 🙁

    Will continue to support your other videos, though. Hugs xo

  3. thanks for the cute video Marlene ! I thought I was the only one on the planet that sniffed my birds Jessica (Scarlet Macaw) and Rio (Alexandrine Parrot)
    Jessica is fine with it , she smells cool after her shower …. Rio isn't big on it , and tries to nip my nose ….Rio has bad breath most of the time anyway !
    Cheers !

  4. Your movie is technically amazing, Marlene. Witty script, and the actors all get it. The set must've been a fun place to be. You must've said so many stupid jokes! Everyone seems uninhibited, free-flowing, but also capable of respecting a text. Actors are the main reason why your movie is so cool in the end. I've seen you play with Chris Pardal before: you two have got a strong alchemy, keep him.

    I like the "romance" plot. And the nipple-sniffing weirdo, lol. His mimicks are hilarious.

    The photography is slick! This is lively interior filming, something uneasy. I like that there's lots of travelling and panning shots. Non-Hollywood movies are often ruined by too much static shots in my opinion. This isn't the case here. This feels like fine production. The ending shot with Vinny is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How many takes did it require? It will be a great image for you and I to remember.

    I love you, and I love your movie.

  5. Oh my gosh, this is soooooo funny!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!
    I have a yellow & Gray Cockatiel!!! I sniff him, but just around his neck area!! I"ll HAVE to try that! Is that a real thing??? With this movie as a spin off???? I've had PeeDee for 6 mos now and he just turned 3 yrs. old and was a rescue!! I just love that lil Bird!!! He take showers with me. Was and still a biter But I'm the Boss. I told him I'm not afraid of a little bird! I have a flight suit/birdie diaper I put on him every day. When it was warm I took him with me almost everywhere!

  6. After watching this I sniffed my bird. He really liked it and every time he would mimic me by breathing on my hair. He really enjoyed this movie and gave Jersey a kiss on the screen 🙂

  7. I didn't quite understand what was happening in the beginning but I'd say that it was kinda weird to sniff a bird like woah.. XD I often sniff my bird but he's too nervous and way too scared of me :/ oh and that Indian Ringneck looks so much like my female!

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