Racist African Grey potty mouth parrot,named Dusty.

Dusty was a parrot I had no intention of keeping.I bought him for $200. and figured I’d make some money off of him.I didn’t get near him because I didn’t have …

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44 thoughts on “Racist African Grey potty mouth parrot,named Dusty.

  1. I'm the former owner of this utube channel but didn't use it for awhile and was taken from me from someone else.
    Didn't know that could happen.Anyway ,Dusty is doing good.Last night I went to Tod Marcus parrot store in Burlington Nj. They have a consignment area where people dump their parrots they don't want anymore and expect top dollar for their parrot which a lot of them are problem birds that bite.I want to take all of them home with me .If I had to adopted my parrots out I would give them away or ask a minimal price .
    I want them going to a good home and that trumps getting a lot of money for your parrot that you still love.

  2. Just to let everybody know I am the provider of Dusty and he's doing great. I got a buddy for him, a male timneh Grey named George. What a big mistake that was but something good came out of it. George is the meanest son-of-a-b** bird I've ever owned. But if it wasn't for George I wouldn't have adopted my sulphur crested cockatoo name Icky short for Icarus. He is a very sweet bird , my biggest parrot I have he bit me a couple times but he hasn't bit me hard. Maybe I'll make a video of him one day he's not a racist like "The Duster" though. He is more of a liberal. That's one thing I don't like about Icky. I despise liberals I hate weak people.

  3. These parrots live a very long time, longer than you, and when people teach them this shit, then no one wants to give them homes if something happens to you. Too bad the birds have more intelligence than the people here.

  4. My Cody African grey came from a redneck home (his 7th home). He knows the N word, and uses it only when he sees a "dark" person.
    He Used it on our neighbor Pastor Pickette, and my daughter in law.
    Have to get it under control soon, going to have grandbaby.
    Cody has lived quite a life .. was dating a jail bird and we were sitting in screened in patio.
    Cody looked at me and said "what's he doing here?" Then looked at him and said "I'm gonna kick your ass!"
    If only I knew his history, it would be a hoot!

  5. there is not many like Xrated Ruby, i do not think i can even name 1 that is….but Dusty!!! clear speech and shows a hilarious personality and a funny voice that makes him even that much more funny!

  6. All these comments about african greys learning things and I bet you half of the people commenting have never even owned one! Until you have had one, you can't judge or comment on "how they learn things" or "who they learn from" since they learn ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING they hear. From music playing on your radio, your TV, your cell phone, and even out door noises! Mine learns things I have never taught him, like the noise you make when you drink water or burp after having a drink, yet the things I want him to learn he doesn't repeat. He mainly speaks in a deep voice imitating my husband and only speaks with a high pitch voice (imitating me) when he wants my attention. I hate reading YouTube comments because people are so judge mental, cruel and think they know it all! This guy is awesome, cool, funny and so are all greys! 🙂

  7. Of course I am African American and am not to fond of the use the the n word but in other word this bird is gorgeous and obviously highly intelligent which I can't say about the asshole who taught him how to say such words weather it be the current owner or one before it. This bird is beautiful tho and omg "who let the bird out" I almost died lol

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