Quaker Parrot Talking

Read my blog and learn how I taught Tweety these things and more!!! Our 1 year old quaker parrot, Tweety, saying …

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37 thoughts on “Quaker Parrot Talking

  1. I had one of these when I was born but flew away when I was 6 🙁 still miss him to this day Mine loved humans and wanted to fly but couldn't I heard Someone found a quaker monk parrot That loved humans and was attacked by other birds

  2. hi are u familiar with blue Quaker parrots my friend is selling one .she said he's 2 months old and wants 300 for him .how can one tell if bird is healthy . she wants to sell him because she works and the bird is always at home by itself and that he stressed out and pulling out his feathers ..any adviceyou my give …thank u

  3. Had my quaker parrot about 6 mths now hes talking to people cant believe how smart he his walks around the floor with the dogs eats the dog treats when i leave the house dogs bark so does he every morning wake him he say good morning they he says hellow pat does matter what room i come out or just wake up he says hellow pat.How I taught him y put the computer on when i leave the house put utube on quaker parrots talking.Next morning then i teach him into sentenceing .Reall smart bird part family now

  4. I kept repeating "give me a kiss" while then kissing mine on the head and after about 30 minutes my quaker started repeating me and bowing down to wait for a kiss. Its the cutest thing ever. A few days after she also started making kissing sounds and then pecking my cheek to give a kiss.

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