Quaker Parrot Talking, quacking like a duck, being cute

Kamali is my 3 year old male quaker parrot. When we got him he could say a few things like ‘hey babe’, pretty bird, what cha doin?. So this is a video of what all …

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36 thoughts on “Quaker Parrot Talking, quacking like a duck, being cute

  1. thanks, it does take quite a bit to video them. They sometimes get 'camera shy' and don't talk as much. I had a problem with getting Echo on video chattering up a storm (he's my Indian ringneck). But finally he got used to the camera. Thanks again for watching

  2. my parrot LOVES this video ( remember , this is why we listen!) he even learned to say quack quack quack! thanks for the video … ! I wish I had the skills to video my parrot because he is a chatter box!

  3. @94leozanatta Thanks, I love the name – Ciara – may steal it from you if another female bird comes into my life. I fell in love with this breed a few years ago and Keiko was my first Quaker – you can see her on my other vids. So precious, love their personalities, and they talk up a storm. Thanks for 'sending the joy up our way' in these sweet birds.

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