Q&A about Aviator Harness for Parrots Last week, I asked my audience to submit their harness related questions. Now, I am joined by Kili, Truman, and Rachel to …

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26 thoughts on “Q&A about Aviator Harness for Parrots

  1. how do you get over a fear of parrots my aunt had a white one i dont see it anymore but it came on the floor trying to bite and attack me and it scared me so is there a way to get over fears

  2. being the clueless person I am, one day I went for a walk with my conure on my shoulder. He had no clipped wings or harness, but i trusted him, he was very obedient. I was so stupid. i walked by a little girl riding a bike and my baby got spooked and flew around above my reach, he had clipped wings ever since he was a baby so he had very little experience flying and did not know how to, but he managed to stay in the air, he squaked and flew for about ten yards. I screamed and ran after him screaming his name, I saw it all and slow motion. I though my heart was going to stop. He landed on his belly in a strangers yard. I ran to him and could tell he was breathing very heavy and was shaking. he was petrified. My baby could have died. he was only one. but i was also young. I gently but quickly sliped him in my jacket, held him against my chest and ran all the way home. please, please, please never take your baby birds outside. don't ever take an unaware or trained parrot outside. please don't take parrits outside without harnesses. even the most obedient parrot could get spooked and fly away forever

  3. My bird is not the type of bird to be scared of things. But he is scared of new perches. I don't know why I try to tell him look they are safe. He is not scared of a cat nor a dog barking at him nor cars racing past not scared of new toys not scared of the harness but is scared of perches:/ how do I get him used to new perches that he has never even seen before. Do I put it in his cage to make him feel comfortable with it? How do I do it? ( I got him from a store and he was in a cage with no toys and never chirped with no perches only food and water and he was by him self with a big macaw) how do I get him used to a perch? Do I put it in his cage? He is not scared of basically anything not even a carrier. Plz I need ur help! ( and I can't get ur book )

  4. I got my yellow sided conure ready for the harness, bought the right size on the website, and when i got it on him, it would get on, but not off. I had to cut it, and got a bigger size for free, but trying to get it off was very dramatic. When and how should I try this again, if I even should try it again….?

  5. Hey anybody who knows I have a cockatiel named max and I've only had him/her (I don't know Max's gender but I just say he) for 2 weeks and early on my dog got very close even tho max wasn't hurt he seems to be very mad at me and I know they tend to hold grudges but will he forgive me anytime soon. I would never get rid of him because in this short time I've fallen in love with him but I was wondering if anyone had advice to speed up the process

  6. And thanks for responding to my question, I will re-read your book, and watch the dvd again. Celty came to me clipped, but her primaries are almost completely in, so putting a harness on her is no longer a "will I won't I debate." I will work harder to desensitize her. Lol but ya that small head loop is gonna be the hardest part I think.

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