Pink Panther Peter Sellers scenes

Pink panther scenes.

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48 thoughts on “Pink Panther Peter Sellers scenes

  1. Poverino, si innamorava di tutte le attrici "bone" pare che avesse perso la testa per Sofia Loren, comunque si e' fatto spennare da Britt Ekland che ha poi proseguito a spennare a sangue Rod Stewart – just looking at the face of Rod Stewart you can get that he's not the brightest  bulb on the Xmas tree.  But Peter Sellers ?

  2. A true comedic genius. When I start laughing i cannot stop. And I have seen all his PP movies many times. They never get old and never cease to crack me up. The outtakes are incredible also.

  3. An Incredible force in the world of acting, in my opinion, Peter Sellers deserves to be mentioned among the all-time greats. Im certain that even the Marlon Brando`s and Laurence Olivier`s of this world felt a slight touch of envy regarding this mans talents

  4. Everytime i see the bannister scene I cry . He was a genius seller's i wish steve Martin never made that pile of crap movie it should of been left alone . But I reckon baron Cohen could pull of a good inspecter he's perfect you would have to get a comedy genius to think of a script or do a remake .

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