Peppy The Quaker Parrot talking up a storm

This is our 1 year old talking like crazy. He needs to hear running water to talk alot.

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37 thoughts on “Peppy The Quaker Parrot talking up a storm

  1. I have mine for a month now we hand fed him for a couple of weeks. Hes two months old and already knows…Hola, Pretty bird, What, Hello, Good Girl, and laughs, and says other stuff but I cant understand.

  2. His "come here" is exactly like my Quaker Parrot, Salt's, "come here". Also Peppy's "wait wait wait" is like my bird's "meow meow meow". Also, his non-sense gibberish is exactly like mine. I love Quaker Parrots!

  3. We have a quaker parrot and have yet to get him/her sexed. She is about 8 months old and she/he has made kissing noises and whenever we talk to her/him, she/he opens it's mouth like it's trying to mimic the words but has yet to say anything clear yet. She/he can sometimes make a sound like the word or phrase we have said but like I said, nothing clear yet. Any advice?

  4. Why Does You Quaker Speak So messed up? Just wondering? My Quaker Actually Says All His Words Clearly. To Where You Don't Need to Translate it for people to understand what he is saying.

  5. When they get al puffy like that it's a sign that they are happy and feel safe and secure. It's the same with all parrots. I have a Quaker myself, he's a 'rescue' bird who was literally picked off a street in the rain. He'd have died out there, alone in the wet and cold. We're so glad to have him. He's all better now and a total 'love sponge'. His name's "Gif", short for "Gift from God".

  6. I am listening to your quaker Peppy talk with my two quakers. They are REALLY listening carefully! They are reacting alittle, but mostly listening. They do not talk. One of them is trying to talk to Peppy now!! SO funny. I do not work with my birds on talking. They DO understand alot though. Someone told me that it works to have them visit birds that do talk and they will start. Peppy is great! We will watch again.

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