Parrot Wont Let Dead Parrot Friend get Thrown Out :(

super sad video of a parrot not letting his best friend parrot pass away and get buried. 🙁 Visit for cheap, nice, quality clothing!

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22 thoughts on “Parrot Wont Let Dead Parrot Friend get Thrown Out :(

  1. I have 3 dead budgie they died…and I cried now 3 more remain and one of them who I like is fruity she is still alive and she looks like that dead bird too..she is a really good girl when I think she will die I always be like I want to die…I don't want to think about this and cry

  2. Actually they are parakeets, not parrots.  Most animals do not comprehend death.  The yellow bird seemed to think by preening the green one, he could wake it up.  So very sad it made me cry.  Reminded me of the various pets I had over the years that died.

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