Parrot Singing Opera!!

One of my parrots singing Opera.

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50 thoughts on “Parrot Singing Opera!!

  1. Hello
    If you are looking for a dog,a parrot or a kitten ,then you just found one.I have to travel to Australia.
    I will be there for a very long i gat no choice than to give ma pets out to any loving and caring me through to get any of ma pets for free.

  2. They need cages to sleep in at least, and they don't mind them – they're like their houses. As for flying away, you should either have the wings clipped or just don't open doors or windows or take them outside. I have a bird that can fly but we just don't let it out so it doesn't fly away.

    Some birds can be trained to do their business in certain places but that can be hard and your bird will not be trained when you get it. Get ready for some bird poop – everywhere.

  3. please, i am getting a bird soon, could you like tell me how did you manage for him/her to not fly away?, and is it potty trained?, i don't like to keep birds in cages and if i get my parrot i would like for him to be as free as possible like yours!, thanks in advance, 🙂

  4. He's a cutie ! And to the nasty comment lady dorkface wrote, guess she hasn't been around birds much, or anything much! I had one yellow nape that I taught the beach boys songs to and he would dance, the one I have now mimics everything my daughter says and talks up a storm!

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