Parrot Palin

Does Sarah Palin ever remind you of a trained parrot? Conceived and created by World Wide Wadio While we were in the midst of creating this, …

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36 thoughts on “Parrot Palin

  1. When Palin says everything the right-wing nut jobs want, such as "Maverick (John McCain)", "Hockey Mom (Herself)", "YOU BETCHA!", "Reformer", "Tax Cuts", "Nucular(reminds me of George W. Bush, former President of the U.S.)", "Drill, Baby Drill!!", the right-wing nut jobs become excited.

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  5. I'm an Aussie, how fucken dumb are you Americans that you would vote in a complete and utter idiot moron stupid retard woman such as Sarah Palin? No wonder your country is so fucked socially and economically and many other ways Your politicians aren't worth a pinch of shit.

  6. @2cOthers Don't call her 'bird brain'. It's a fact that a highly functional parrot has an intelligence level about on the level of a 5 year old child, which would place them above Sarah's functional level. The stupid bitch should go back to Alaska, go hunting and get mauled by a bear. Note to the bear: Maul, do not consume, she'll only make you sick. Kill, do not eat, no matter how hungry you are.

  7. I truly believe that even if she received the Republican nomination in 2012, Obama will roll over her like a steam roller. Americans with any intelligence would never put her in the office of POTUS.

  8. @bigtexansfan I wouldn't say "ONLY in America," because other countries have voted in people equally as moronic. I wouldn't say moreso. Palin is what would happen if you took a horrendous Hollywood stereotype of a cheerleader, gave her body an age-up, and gave her a shot at President.
    Now, her voters don't think THINK she's a moron. They know it. That's why they think she's so qualified. That's the real wallbanger.

  9. It's sad that ONLY in America there are grown ass people who are of voting age that really believe this dumb bitch can actually be the President of the United States…. The truth is deep down even they know she's a fucking moron.

  10. @walterkornbluth I apologize; I was merely trying to sink to your level.

    Your comment had to intelligence and no relevance.

    Perhaps you should call her ugly too, I here that's a sure fire reason for her un-qualification as president.

    You liberal retards are hilarious; you always are too willing to show everyone who you consider a viable political threat.

    I can't WAIT until she is president, fuck-holes like you will self-combust.

  11. @poisonapple16 + Yep when folks can only think of words with 4 letters, & cant post an intelligent reply, its a SURE sign that she has the Moron & mental midget vote tied up, BUT no one with more than 3 active brain cells is gonna vote for Sarah.
    Monty Pythons dead parrot has a better chance at the oval office, even dead he is smarter than Sarah Palin……..

  12. Just like at the dog show, she was judged on LOOKS for miss Alaska and is only HALF as smart as the contestants at the Westminster Dog Show, Although she IS serious a competitor for their "Bitch of the year award", the problem is, even at the Westminster kennel club, she would have a tough time proving that she was not the dumbest bitch in the room..

  13. grrrribit

    "George Bush's fault"
    "The government will give you everything"
    "The Constitution is flawed"
    "Goddam America"
    "Fat cats"
    "No lobbyists"
    "You're a racist"


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