Parrot desperately tries to drink juice

KC the sun conure is absolutely obsessed with any type of juice. He will actually attack people who are holding a cup of juice just because he wants it so badly!

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10 thoughts on “Parrot desperately tries to drink juice

  1. very dangerous behavior – if the bird falls into the liquid it can not extricate itself and will drown – all beverage glasses should be covered if a bird is in the home

    re licensing – your embed code is enabled and you have no copy blocking so according to section 5 of YouTube's TOS you automatically grant reproduction to anyone on anywhere – fyi

  2. I had a great little blue budgie many years ago and I miss her so much and she just dove straight down into the glass and I had to pull her up by the tail and boy was she angry and attacked everyone for the next five minutes. And the time she tried to land in boiling water…. I had to push her away with rather big force and she was angry with me for days. 🙂

    And a white one I had got all stiff and fell down as soon as she go frightened and one time it happen in mid flight and she fell right down into the mouth of a big German Shepherd I was dog sitting for a few days. He took a taste then spit her out and looked very surprised. No harm came to here so he must have known not to bite. Most of my other birds just loved that dog an was trying to land on him all the time.

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