Onni cockatoo, “I got your nose” game

Onni plays an old childrens game For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom.

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45 thoughts on “Onni cockatoo, “I got your nose” game

  1. Cockatoos are a BIG commitment. Just sayin. I've owned all types of parrots now for 25+ years. Cockatoos are the emo kids of the lot. All that cuddly stuff can become picking and yelling years later. Fingers cross it won't, but I've seen a LOT of plucked cockatoos in my day. Once again, just 25 years experience talking. But I do love em still despite their super emo moody personalities.

  2. I had a relationship with my rainbow lorikeet like this. he starting getting big we let him go. he sat on a tree with his wings spread just enjoying the wind. singing. aghhh bird relationships are amazing.

  3. Aw this is so cute. I have a good relationship with my parrot but scared to handle it too much because of his hand beam. I've seen him attack his own foot so I know he will bite me and I'm scared. I would love to give him kisses though!

  4. Parrots are so cute but they are so moody! My auntie has always owned parrots and all of them bit everyone all the time. They ONLY liked my auntie, you couldn't even put your hand near the cage otherwise they'd bite. And they were soooo loud especially every morning at like 5am ? I wish they were nicer so I could have one, but I'm sure I'd have all my fingers bitten off

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