No pebble, I can’t be your boyfriend

Finally I had my camera ready. Pebble and I hanging out when she started getting jiggy with my hand. I had to tell her that we can’t be boyfriend/girlfriend it’s my …

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39 thoughts on “No pebble, I can’t be your boyfriend

  1. I actually think she did win that argument, because you're her sugar daddy, what Pebbles wants Pebbles gets, she is got you wrapped around her finger you just don't know it because she is smarter.

  2. This is brilliant. Somebody should turn that into a meme or a viral vid.

    "R u a pretty girl?"

    "Yeah. Hahaha".

    Just that should be enough to give Pebble that extra bit of internet fame that she deserves. Pebble is so infinitely more awesome than any other famous youtube parrot ^_^

  3. As I was watching the video I heard what sounded like a yellow headed amazon it made me remember the parrot my grandparents had until they gave him to a bird lady his name was Raja and he had a missing eye from it being injuered when he was caught from the wild

  4. hi, I was wondering how you got Pebble in the first place? I will keep watching your videos, I am very impressed by your handling of her. I will be looking forward to hearing from you!

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