My Parrot’s First Day Home, Parrot Taming Secrets | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

Hello parrot lovers, I am so excited to release this video to you!! I wasn’t expecting to make this video subject today but when I woke up this morning, it seemed …

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28 thoughts on “My Parrot’s First Day Home, Parrot Taming Secrets | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

  1. OMG I don't think I have told you a few weeks ago we where sitting across the road with our bird in his cage cause we don't have a harness yet we are gonna get one but anyway a guy rides past on his bike and there it was a cockatoo sitting on the handle bars also our bird is so engaged and not caged although sadly the breeder we got him from clipped his wings and all of the flight feathers where gone not just some all but he is going trough his first molt and he has more yay oh I have not told you about flip well he is a pearled cockatiel and we think he is female cause he hasn't really lost any pearling sooo yeah but he is very vocal and male like so he/she could be a tom boy also you put flip on engaged not caged ? I was so happy it was AWSOME to see my post on engaged not caged

  2. My bird is quite friendly he comes to u , but when ever you put ur finger near he bites , but it's nothing as if he hates me tho , he accepts food from my hand gently as well , what should I do to stop this ?

  3. Awesome job on this one Marlene!❤ I especially love the "hands on" approach videos like this one. I'm sure many of your followers would agree that this type of video aids in their learning far better than one where a person just sits or stands in front of a camera and only TALKS through the steps. in a private message you mentioned this video might not apply to me since Santina and I are past these stages. However true this might be, think of Lisa and her bird Simba. This video is also great for retraining from the start if a situation like Lisa's comes up. I ? that you really truly listen to us on the parrot station and engagednotcaged then bring our questions, fears and concerns over to YouTube and allow us the joy of seeing you and your beautiful birds while answering all of our questions. AWESOME❤AWESOME❤AWESOME!!!! P.S. check your private message for a picture of what I looked like after waiting up til 3a.m. for this video. Hahaha

  4. Thank you so much for your awesome advice! I have a baby Cape (hatched Dec30,2016) and he does this really noisy chirping sounds and he does it mostly when I'm around him. How do I keep him with me with him being so noisy? He can be in the same room with me and doesn't do it, it's when I go to get him and take him in another room, or just have him beside me. It's so loud!

  5. My new African grey Congo is bald. I have a vet appointment Friday and I go today. Have u seen anything like this to get that the woman had a tamed umbrella and two Mccaws. I'm not sure on sex and they said two. I'm not sure but they said two years and a mate did the head? Have cage open but this bird is very scared to come out plus wings clipped.

  6. also for inexperienced bird owners (or visitors to bird houses), don't forget that if they don't trust that your hand is stable then they'll test it with their beak like Cody was a few times. I've seen a lot of people pull their hands away thinking it was a bite but in reality the poor bird was about the step up and was then confused! haha

  7. My budgie, Dollar, now only likes the improvised perch I made for her which puts her just above and to the left of my head when I'm sitting at my desk, working on my computer. Otherwise, she (its a female) tends to just find some place like under a chair or table where she apparently "thinks" she's hiding. When she's on her perch and wants my attention, she now comes down and gets onto my hand even when I'm typing on the keyboard. If I don't respond, she begins pulling the hairs on the back of my hand until I do what she wants (usually, she wants to ride my hand to the TV so she can watch it). It's taken 60 days to get this far, for weeks I thought she might never adapt to living outside the cage at the pet shop.

  8. when i rescued ronald he hadnt been out of the cage or touched in 14 years so when i tried to put my hand in he would flip out, so each day i just sat beside his cage with my hand inside the cage it took about 2 weeks but one day he just stepped on ❤ and i managed to bring him out of his cage and after that he changed and became tame and loving really quick, i got flapped at abd bite a few times befor the but perservering was the best thing ive ever done, he has a lovely free happy life now with lots of love and he brings me so much joy, so to anyone who thinks this is never going to happen my parrot hates me just be patient they will come around, and its so worth it xx

  9. <3 love this! I have been using my expirence to help others but it has been some time sence I had to do. You really do have a way with the birds!…and yes thanks again for sharing. <3 love this!

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