My Parrot story

I buy bird toys for cheap from this website; go to link & search BIRD TOYS in search bar. This is the story of my lovely Parrots …

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14 thoughts on “My Parrot story

  1. hello sir .. adorable little babies.
    i have 2 as well and i was wondering if u could help me with something. i feel like they are a bit scared of me they come out very easily when its time for their formula but when i try to take them out in different time they are a bit scared and when they are out they tend to hide under me like my legs or clothes one of them i think he is a bit older like scratching and sleeps on my hand but still scared and try to hide him and his brother (i dont know their gender yet) so what do u advice me to do to make them more comfortable when they are out of the cage. sorry for this long comment but i really appreciate your help in this since yours just passed this age. mine i think they are 6 to 7 weeks old.

  2. What a cute pair! Oh alright, 2 pairs! I have a rescued 3 yr old parrotlet who was severely abused in the first 2 yrs of his life. I have had him for about 7-8 months and he is much better but still not ready to trust me. Then, 2 months ago, I got a 5 got a Green Cheek Conure, a male but DNA told me it was a girl; she is a joy. Last weekend I picked up another one, from a lady who was afraid of her. She had kept the girl with a male and they bonded. She is a real biter and likes to attack me but her big cage is coming tomorrow and we will see if more room and stability will make her change her manners.

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