My African Grey Tries To Rip Off My Eyelashes During My Emotional Story| DRAMATIC STORY TIME SUNDAY

READ DESCRIPTION Hello parrot lovers, There are a few things you need to now about this story time Sunday… The first thing is that I filmed this story right after …

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25 thoughts on “My African Grey Tries To Rip Off My Eyelashes During My Emotional Story| DRAMATIC STORY TIME SUNDAY

  1. ok so 2 weeks prior to getting Eddie i had looked up on galahs. and i really wanted one but it seemed like it was just one of those crazy thoughts so i pushed it to the back of my mind. Anyways cause I live in Australia we have an abundance of galahs flying round. and one day we had a massive storm and the trees were bending and it lasted not very long. So my sister who was visiting at the time said why dont we go 4wd arpund the farm. So we did and on the way back there was this baby galah sitting on the ground and he was limping. so we kept an eye on it and the parents never came back. on sunset we decided to pick him up cause of foxes etc. Got the vet to check it out and he said hes about 8 weeks old. So i just thought that was amazing. Almost like this bird and I were destined to be. His leg was just sprained and hes happy and healthy in my family flock. and when we go visit the farm we take him with us and hes happy to sit outside near the tree that was his home and talk to his fellow galah mates.

  2. my bird tries to take off my mascara everytime I wear some and tries to take off every dry bit of skin on my lips and also the water in my hair when I just washed them. Basically they do that because they care about you and love you because that's what they do in nature, they clean each other.

  3. Hi Marlene, thanks for sharing your story. In the notes above, you state there is no foul language in this video, but you do say G__ D__ I_ and use the Lord's name in vain, which was hard to listen to as a Christian. I realize it is your video and your story, but if possible, could you please leave out using the Lord's name in vain in future videos? You are LOVED! Oh, and I hope your eye is okay, that looked like it hurt! Have a blessed day! 🙂

  4. Hi. I'm so sorry for your loss. George sounds like he was an amazing friend to you. I wanted to comment and say hi. I actually just discovered your channel two days ago. I'm adopting a Hahn's Mini Macaw on Thursday and I've been obsessively watching your videos in preparation for bringing him home. You have a lot of great information and its presented in such a fun way. I just wanted to say thank you for your tips and info and your very cute videos.

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