Mozart The Talking Macaw Parrot

Mozart Gone Wild Talking.

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35 thoughts on “Mozart The Talking Macaw Parrot

  1. Splendid pet! Congratulations! We invite you to participate in the International Talking Birds Championship of Poland "PARROT CHAT" by sending us an entry form on  and have fun with us! We have already competitors from England,
    Russia, Byelorussia and from Poland, of course. And we have also an English judge – Mrs. Rosemary Low, the world famous parrot behaviorist.

  2. It's like having a 2-3 year old all the time for a very long long time , 80-120 years for the Macaw's. If you go to my website I have Parrot Education on there, you can read it to see if you would be. My site starts with the w's and ends with the com. and AlphaStages is the name.

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