Monkey has mind blown by singing parrot

Max the Capuchin Monkey literally drops his jaw as he witnesses Coco the Talking Indian Ringneck Parakeet in this hilarious clip. Could these two become best …

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25 thoughts on “Monkey has mind blown by singing parrot

  1. More Information on Max:

    Max has lived his entire life in captivity. He wouldn't know what to do in the wild. He is quite domesticated in that he eats while sitting in a high chair, has showers and baths, sleeps in bed with his people, plays with other animals (dogs) and humans. This was a one time video and although I felt I had control over the situation at the time, reading back the body language thereafter, I did see that a split second reaction could have changed everything. These two were not put within arms length of each other again (although they had been many times before that). I was new to sharing my life with a monkey, there was a lot to learn, as is life ~ you will never know everything.

    The chain around Max's neck is not tight (no tighter than a chain us humans would wear – nothing like a dog collar or choker chain – just tight enough it could not be slipped over his head). The purpose of this chain and having him on a lead (although normally not tethered to objects, rather, clipped to my hip) was for behavioural training purposes. Monkeys are curious, mischievous and extremely fast, so the lead is to help safeguard them and others from accidental injury. If Max ever escaped the home, vehicle or our hand it could have tragic consequences, as he's unaware of the external dangers and would not be able to fend for himself.

    Due to a forced relocation, Max has been rehomed. We interviewed many, finally settling on adoption by our former vet technician, where he is her only child, is happy and so very well cared for.

    What many do not know is that Max was a rescue that was kept in a cage, smaller than most would use for a bird the size of Coco. He had never been handled by his previous owner. Before coming to us, he was briefly with two fantastic trainers who helped coax Max out of his cage, working with him day and night to build trust and socialize him. They remained good friends of ours, we visited often and even had monkey play dates (yes – with other captive monkeys). Max has been given an amazing second chance at life, despite what anyone might think from viewing one video. FYI – the dog crate is not his. It was just an anchor point for purpose of shooting this video.

  2. Clearly this is being used as a form of entertainment on YT and abuse for both the monkey and the bird. Monkey chained at neck, and bird possibly being attacked as it clearly looks threatened you moronic asshole filming this. I would highly suggest making a report on this pos person who is doing this. This form of abuse is not to be tolerated.

  3. If you are considering getting a capuchin monkey as a pet, consider your other options and the 40 years of care and diapers before giving in to one of those cute, fuzzy, baby-like faces. That's right – a 35 to 45 year lifespan. And constant diaper changes.

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