Minecraft Build & Play – Tiveden #104 – Parrot Adventure

In this episode we upgrade our world to Minecraft 1.12 (snapshot 17w14a), search for parrots, try out the new crafting system, experiment with concrete powder …

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21 thoughts on “Minecraft Build & Play – Tiveden #104 – Parrot Adventure

  1. Strangely, parrot cannot teleport to flying players (much like the other pets, but quite counter-intuitive for a bird-like). Your parrot is surely stuck in some unloaded chunk, waiting for the grounded return of the master. Oh, and don't bother with mansion's secret rooms. The most valuable loot I've seen so far in there was… a diamond hoe. Four mansions are not even worth a single desert temple.

  2. The tamed mobs will only teleport when you stand on a solid block, if you fly too far, the parrot will be left in the unloaded chunks. If they aren't loaded the mob will not teleport. But if you load the chunks he should teleport when loaded.

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