Mike the African Grey sings I Kissed a Girl

Mike singing his new favorite song “I Kissed A Girl”

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33 thoughts on “Mike the African Grey sings I Kissed a Girl

  1. Greys can learn over 5000 words phrases and sounds some even learn how to speak when spoken example what does a dog sound like and the will answer greys are one of the smartest birds there's another grey named Einstein on YouTube

  2. He sounds like a teen a boy after he gets the courage to try for the time that huge shiver he feels for the first time kissing the only thing is he never wants to stop that's how he sounds lol yes real guys admit they feel that shiver

  3. @ Melissa Valadez …….  He isn't saying "four some, hubba hubba"……
     He is saying "Portia….hubba hubba."

    The parrot's owner was trying to get him on the "Ellen (Degeneres) show", so his owner taught him to say "Portia…hubba hubba".
    Ellen Degeneres is married to Portia De Rossi.

          The Ellen show never invited them (to appear on the show), but I think they SHOULD have.  The parrot is frickin' hilarious. The first time I saw the video, I laughed SO hard, I had tears streaming down my face.

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