How to train your parrot to perch on hand.

My little trick on how to hand tame a parrot . Ringneck parrot training (how to) -Some Ringneck parrot are scare of hands and they do not sit on hand do this with …

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31 thoughts on “How to train your parrot to perch on hand.

  1. Dear, My female parrot is flew away and sat down on a tree. we shout on her and she also answer us but she didn't came to us from morning to dark we tried to call her but she just answer us and didn't came to us then we came to home and when we go in morning to see her but she was not here. there is very cold weather and when she flew one day after rainy season is start and from 3 days there is continuously raining here now my question is that she was lived 3 year at home and suddenly flew away so I don't think so that she would find food herself, or can live outside from home or she will die because of cold or raining, because when she flew away then after one day rainy is started and its 4 day that continuously raining here , I am thinking that she will dead or can't find anything fro herself. I am very worry about her Please tell me that what I am thinking , is that possible? My english is weak and I am trying to understand you , Hope you will got that waht I want to saying. I am very depressed about my cute and sweet princess parrot. Please tell me about her.

  2. Thanks for the tip! It won't work immediately for my parrot, he is a blue fronted amazon.. He was physically abused early in his life and is terrified of hands. I have had him for a while opening up his cage and such.. But I can't seem to manage to hand tame him, this is my second bird.. But I have never had a bird that was physically abused with hands and now he is terrified of them. Do you have any tips?

  3. what should i feed him as a reward, im trying to train him using seeds but hes not that interested. Also how do u make him not fear me, I try not making any sudden movements but hes still biting my hand when he feels like it.

  4. lol… give ur finger freely to an angry parrot.. he will give u back ur finger with a hole in it lol… just because this parrot is already tame its not biting otherwise u will end up dressing ur finger

  5. The parrots face when he took the food from him! xD He was like "whaaaaaaat did you just do to me!?!"

    I know, it's mean to do this because it could make the bird obsessive and overprotective of it's food, but that face was so funny.

  6. I have budgies.. One likes to step up but not be pet, the other will not do anything an run away.. When I put my hand in the cage to change their stuff they move away.. Is there tips to help them with them being able to be pet?

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