How to Get Different Parrots To Get Along | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

Hello parrot lovers, Today’s parrot video is so exciting because…you guys voted on which topic you wanted to see on our very own parrot station page on …

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37 thoughts on “How to Get Different Parrots To Get Along | PARRONT TIP TUESDAY

  1. I was wondering how you manage to give all your birds attention since you have a cockatoo? Doesn't he need you to constantly be with him? My cockatoo also doesn't really like me working like on my laptop. Do you know any ways to be able to get work done while your birds are out?

  2. Hi Marlene! As you may have seen on Parrot station I'm considering bringing home an older Conure. I have two cockatiels currently and will be living in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate. Do you think I should keep the tiels in my bedroom and the conure in the living room, just to keep the tiels closer to me? I'm curious what you think!

  3. Im obsessed with Picasso! He's beautiful and very relaxed. I've seen lots of conures but never this breed of parakeet.

    I do have a question though, many bird owners say to never pet a bird's back because it sexually frustrates them but she is petting Picasso this way. Is this different for that breed of parrot??

  4. Marlene,
    You and your birds are awesome!!! PeeDee is my Cockatiel. He turned 3 over the new year. I will have had him a yr in June. He's always been a biter, but is getting better, especially with me. In the be-gaining he would step up. I knew I wanted to take him everywhere with me, so I researched and found a flight. He didn't like it but was fine once it was on. (very docile) Now he will not come to me at all except if I'm eating something he might like (he eats out of my lips) so I have to trick him and catch him. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!! I kiss him all the time. He just got a new home and place in the house. (Floor Cage) He still likes his small one, but I made him sleep in his new one last night!! I'm taking his old one out today!! I guess my question is, How do I earn his trust again, because of his flight suit and I want to take him out side with me???? He's yellow with orange cheeks and some gray on his wings. Did I mention I just LOVE HIM???? LOL TY

  5. Mango is so cute playing with your hair. My sunny loved playing and snuggling in my long hair too. He wld make some sweet little cooing noises and squeeks and light squaks. He diidnt like bite or break my hair, he just rolled in it and snuggled like it was a blanket. It was sooooo cute, just like Mango.

  6. Picasso has got to be the calmest bird I have ever seen. Question, Is the mustash parakeet a breed of the Indian Ringneck? Is it a natural breed or one that has been bread to look that way. Interested in learning how Picasso became so tame.

  7. Marlene? I need help. whenever I put my bird in my shoulder she goes to my neck and gets tangled in my hair and falls. do you know why she ALWAYS goes straight in my hair? or is it just because she likes my hair?

  8. kissing birds is normal. birds are just like you but they fly and squak and have feathers and yeah, if you really love them, you'd kiss them. it lets them know "hey, this person cares and loves me" because if you think kissing them is gross and never kiss them, they may think you dont like them. just a tip to people with new birds.

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