How to fix a round cage directors cut

Round cages need to be taken out of production!!! People think, tweety was in one, they’re good! WRONG!!!!!!

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29 thoughts on “How to fix a round cage directors cut

  1. This video highlights REALLY well how children (furry, feathered, and human) assimilate the behavior of their parents. While Pebbles has a very funny reaction that makes me laugh, it's also indicative of what a home with domestic violence/emotional abuse can do to young minds, and in that way it breaks my heart. The WONDERFUL thing is this beautiful man that Pebbles has the lovely luck of homing with. His heart is obviously a mile wide and I am so happy there are humans like him in this world. I am in love with his compassion. ??⭐️

  2. It isn't often that we see a Bird friend being trained by a Canuck to give a proper Southern U.S. ass-chewing to 'Round Cages'; and the idiots who idealized the concept of 'Round Cages'; but this Bird friend deserves an award! m'kay

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