Help My Cockatoo Is Now Scared of Me! | QUESTION FROM PARROT STATION

Hello parrot lovers, This question came from a member of our Facebook page “PARROT STATION”, This a subject that I thought would be great if we did a live …

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14 thoughts on “Help My Cockatoo Is Now Scared of Me! | QUESTION FROM PARROT STATION

  1. I really wanna be a bird owner now? I don't think I'd be able to whilst living with my family but when I move out I'm defo gonna get one.
    I got interesting in birds by watching funny parrot videos and eventually fell in love with the idea of owning one! I spend most of my free time educating myself about how to properly care for one. I'm looking forward to it ?

  2. ATTENTION PLEASE: I give my Alexander parakeet kidney beans to eat and baby food in liquid form. is that OK. in your previous video you said that beans should be Cooked or boiled.. can we give yogurt? and another important thing is that how we can know that if the bird is sick? what to do if the bird is sick. like suffering from indigestion problem or what are the symptoms if the parrot is sick????? What to do if the parrot is vomiting? and what it mean of their chest seems more fluffy and heavy is it normal caused by over eating? PLEASE do a video next on this topic.

  3. Marlene, I have two budgies. One can fly perfectly and gets lots of exercise. But my other is molting all over her body and is growing her flight feathers. She recently broke one of her blood feathers and I think I pulled it out because she stopped bleeding. She doesn't let me pull out broken blood feathers so I have to do it by force. She is tamed though. I don't want to pull out anymore. Shall I keep her in her cage or take her out, she sometimes jumps off my hand while I am holding her and luckily she is alright her cage is big with lots of perches and toys. Will she get upset if I leave her in the cage and get my other budgie out. She does like her cage. She also loves to climb curtains. I don't let her get to the top because I am worried she will fall. I let my budgie who can fly do whatever he wants becaus if he falls he can fly. My molting budgie is still tame and I give her lots of treats.i think some of her blood is on the curtains but she is still happy and healthy

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