Funny Parrot Video Funny youtube videos and a very funny talking parrot. There are many ways to say “hello” – see how this unfolds with Louise and the …

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44 thoughts on “Funny Parrot Video

  1. this is wonderful ARA MACAW-MILITAR,your scientific name is ARA REBROGENIS…. very beautifull….But at my house in Rome i have one ARA MACAW-GOLD and BLUET…your scentific name is ARARAUNA …..

  2. Okay really is it that funny 2 just laugh a bird saying hello Over and over again his or her whatever it is its voice isn't changing to a polite way or whatever it's just saying hello how is that so funny

  3. I read comments before watching the video and I expected to see someone literally shouting at the parrot, making brash movements, and shoving her face into the parrot's. I then watched the video to discover that this video is just another victim of youtube ragers wanting to exaggerate something to a very stupid degree and rant about something they made up because they are bored as hell and the only way they can entertain themselves is by ridiculing other people who really didn't do anything to deserve it. I thought it was an adorable video. When you go to a zoo, you don't know how long the animals have been around people. They could be newly imported from a sanctuary with very few people and thus a lot of the times the parrots at zoos do not talk or mimic. They may have the ability to mimic, but if they are newer they oftentimes choose not to. So it is a little surprising and very delightful when you're at a zoo and the parrot mimics you or talks to you. If the bird didn't like her, the bird had the freedom to move away. But the bird seemed pretty chill, unlike the netizens of youtube.

  4. I have a bird like that but different but they all should be careful cause if you don't know them well and owner tell others stay away from the bird cause if might bite but if you know them and your friend says its ok to do those stuff then its fine so who ever is a bird police here need to sush there mouths.

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