Since my first Michael Winslow video got over so many views.. I decided to make a Best of Michael Winslow video. This is all the Funniest Moments from Michael …

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  1. I grew up with a cousin who did the beatbox thing. It was constant and could get annoying – but he did what no one else could do. I heard similar comments about other comedians who are 'always on.' The gift and plight of "Special People"

  2. . . .because you dont like their p e r s o n a I i t y either. Not because they lacked moral character. I happen to like Michael Winslow, but there'll always be someone who doesnt. So what! Let them rant. No sound minded person's going to listen anyway! . . .On a lighter note, just remember Youtube doesnt have a grammatical check for public comments such as "Michael Winslow is know about his sounds from his comedy shows. . ." You have to do that y o u r s e l f before sending one. (ROTF! !) Its ridiculously funny how you were the one talking about "how dumb these people are." Thanks for the laughs!

  3. Jeroen Reyns: Stupid people who conveniently overlook their own personal defects and mistakes so they can criticize personal defects and mistakes of other "stupid people." So, you didnt like someone else showing that they dont like Michael Winslow. Chances are they said bigoted things about him, too. Well, let them have their viewpoint! There are celebrities and non-celebs you dont like because you dont like their p e r s o n a l i t y

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