Einstein the Parrot talks to a squirrel in the yard.

Einstein is outside on his screened porch. He is looking and talking to a squirrel in the yard! He blows a kiss to the squirrel and tells it to eat his corn! He really …

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30 thoughts on “Einstein the Parrot talks to a squirrel in the yard.

  1. To Einstein's parents: I subscribe to a channel by Rumble Viral and today I was notified of a video. It happens to be this video, but it doesn't mention that the name of the parrot is Einstein. I think it's called Parrot Talks To A Squirrel. I left a message for them to the effect that I hoped they had permission to use Einstein's video. Just a heads up.

  2. Einstein,So Happy to See You Today enjoying Yourself with your squirrel friend. I Love hearing you say 'Go outside&See a squirrel?'~But Today We All Actually get to Hear AND See You Talk with one! How Fun-Thanks Marcia&Jeff for Always Sharing!?

  3. Hi Einstein !! You are so clever and smart cutie pie.I hope you and you're family are having a lovely day.I love watching you out on the patio !! I can see you really enjoy it Einstein.Enjoy the rest of you're day gorgeous Lol and "Big-Pecks from Denise your No1fan in the UK.??❤??????

  4. I LOVED Nature & all animals my entire life, & I've been fascinated & thoroughly entertained by Einstein & his loving "Humans" since the very day I first discovered their channel long ago…It would be an impossibility to pick my absolute favorite video… ^/^ Thank you so much for your kind loving hearts, & all your efforts to help Parrot rescue organizations…Hugs from OH

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