Einstein the Parrot talking and barking at the dog next door

Next door neighbors are fun! Einstein loves to perch in his screen porch and often he is greeted by the dog who lives in the next yard. Einstein can imitate the …

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26 thoughts on “Einstein the Parrot talking and barking at the dog next door

  1. Hi Einstein, Obi, my Timneh African Gray, lives with three dogs in his household. When they bark, he can identify their bark sound and calls their name, telling them to "be quiet!" He also tells them to "lie down!" and asks them "wanna go out?" He's become quite the dog trainer. Maybe you and Obi can start the first parrot-run obedience training class for dogs!! Love to you as always, Laura and Obi

  2. You learn new things about Einstein all the time. Like that he's really a boy. And that he is trans-doggie. He's a parrot that identifies as a dog. And……….pretty much everything else he feels like being.

  3. Hey there Einstein !! Good afternoon cutie pie.I am so pleased to know you have a cute doggy living next to you and that you chat to each other.That doggy impersonation is amazing Einstein you are truely my little "Smarty-Pants" who always makes me smile.I hope you and you're family and that cute doggy friend of your's have a great week.PS : What is that doggy next door's name "BIG-PECKS" From Denise your No1fan in the UK !! Love you lots & lots Einstein.?????❤???????????

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