Einstein Parrot is a Red Butt Chicken

This video was inspired by Alec, another YouTube African Grey Parrot. Alec says “I’m a Red Butted Jungle Chicken”. The word “Jungle” was not of interest to …

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45 thoughts on “Einstein Parrot is a Red Butt Chicken

  1. I agree with Einstein. Red Butt Chicken IS very sweet and quite delicious, however it's very expensive. Consequently, my family only has Red Butt Chicken on special occasions.

  2. Awww!! I love einstein! hes so sweet and funny! ive watched this in a doctors waiting room and laughed, people would stare at me, Anyway, I love when he said sorry to the box! (Im confused about the dna tests, is einstein a boy or girl? i've watched about for a year and a half, but anyway) Give einstein hugs for me!!! ~Morgan

  3. As usual, Einstein is so sweet and super (to quote him!). However, when he keeps repeating red butt chicken, he reminds me of the little boy in the shining when he keeps repeat "redrum"! Still love you Einstein!!

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