Cute Peach Face Lovebird Parrot

Check out this cute parrot. Can you tame your parrot like this? :). Here you can listen and buy my awesome Parrots Music …

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44 thoughts on “Cute Peach Face Lovebird Parrot

  1. Amen!! They need a lot of time! I give mine at least 3-4 hours a day & they want more. Please read all about parrots before you get one. They're much more work then a dog, cat or horses (I've had them all) I love my 2 parrots to death but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't… too much time and work!

  2. So is mine!! He gets our of his cage and tries to bite off my Conures feet, so we have to lock him in and now we'll have to clip his wings. He's very smart but bites everyone hard!

  3. It’s not necessary to hand feed them to get them this tame. Mine was this tame, even learned to come asking for head scratches (So cute) and when I got him he was 11 years old and his lady had just died. Basically he was old, unwanted and unloved. But with time and not pressuring him, he started trusting me and became extremely tame, even to a point where he indiscriminately asked people (Even complete strangers) for head scratches. I miss him =/ Such a big personality in such a tiny little body

  4. There is no “trick” to teach animals to trust you! Animals will trust and love you (=Be “tame”) if you deserve their trust, not by “teaching” them. If your bird bites you, it’s probably because you are inconsistent and not trustworthy to it and it fears you instead.

  5. If you read about them, its because they are a pair. You are pretty much a third-will in that relationship. I think thats the reason they are named like that "Lovebirds" they are better as a pair, or one bird+owner. Pretty much you'll be a third-will for the next 20+ years 🙂

  6. love it. i have a peach face love bird too called Reg and she's such a lil tart lol. she's so tame its pathetic and absolutely adores my 12 yr old son. She's fab and a great family mamber xxxx we love her to bits

  7. Mine acts just like that! I bought another "hand tame" one and it is deathly afraid of human hands and is extremely bonded with my hand fed lovey, but my tame bird is more bonded with humans…be sure to make sure its hand fed not just hand tame, breeders will lie to sell birds faster too! Love this vid, you both are adorable <3

  8. This bird is taken from nest early and its grown by hand feeding by owner. That way bird "thinks" you are the parent. This is almost the only way how can you get bird extremely tamed as on video. At least now you know what you have to do before buying new bird. Find breeder – take completely baby bird from nest – google hand feeding or ask breeder – and bingo, you got bird almost like dog.
    I have Parrots Music if you are description of video is link.

  9. hi there!! im jay 4rm singapore!! i need ya advice pls.. my peach faced love birds just layed 2 eggs pass 4 days ago!! the house they r stayin has no nest!! i have some sharded papers wif me now.. can i remove the eggs wif my hands n build a nest 4 them?? i tried givin some papers to the mom but the male bird is too playful n keep on snetchin it away 4rm her!! wat shell i do??

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