CT Scan of Cape Parrot Truman Video of Truman the Cape Parrot getting a CAT Scan. Since the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic in Phoenix Arizona is the first …

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36 thoughts on “CT Scan of Cape Parrot Truman

  1. Aww cuddles Truman after the procedure. I love how close he is with Mariana. What an amazing opportunity and also lovely to hear that it healed to well. I remember how Ill he was so to get back to it being barely noticeable he surely has healed so well. Interesting that he's had some bumps though. Thanks for this amazing video

  2. what a Great video Michael ! Koodus to you for not having the fear to watch that haha. I would go crazy watching my bird go through that. I usually stay out and wait for the report and talk with the vet after

  3. For anyone wondering why we don't just use CT every time, it's not just cost that's a factor.

    In humans at least, the extra radiation is a concern. For a human chest scan, the dose is 350 times higher when performed by CT rather than a conventional X-ray (7 mSv versus 0.02 mSv).

    Parrots are long-lived animals, so they might be at a similar risk of cancer. I don't know.

  4. Wow I found myself feeling a number of emotions watching this video. It was very hard to see Truman like that…On the other hand congrats to me. Tonight I had the honor of brining home my first parrot. Iam so in Love! She is almost a year old Meyer's Parrot that I named Mazie?

  5. Oh my gosh guys, I have to say I was tearing up the minute Truman was being sedated. Seeing him in this stage brought back that horrible image of my BamBam laying lifeless in my hands. I can only imaging how worried you were. Especially you Marianna. When you were on the floor with him in your lap, full on crying. What's wrong with me? Haha So happy all is well with Truman.

  6. I wish I had access to this sort of technology at my vet. My cockatiel had rickets as a baby (previous owners) and a broken wing and to this day we still don't know the true extent of the damage… Just that it's there.

  7. OK so I need some help
    me and my two budgies would be close-ish and they would sit on my finger but due to some circumstances I couldn't take care of them just as well as I did before and now it's like they don't even recognise me. so I try to talk to them but I'm completely out of stuff to say in like five minutes cos it's not like they can reply and hold a conversation. so can you pls pls help me get close to my budgies again and give me stuff to talk about. and incase anyone asks I have tried to talk about school and my day. ??? thanks

  8. When I saw the title of this video, I thought, "Uh-oh! What's Truman done to himself this time?" So glad he was just getting a follow-up. *whew!* It'd be interesting to see scans of various parrot species placed next to one another to see all the subtle differences.

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