Crow and Parrot Fighting

This is a Funny Video of Crow and Parrot Fighting in the Garden. Different Types of Birds came in the Garden for food but Crow can not accept other Birds in their …

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10 thoughts on “Crow and Parrot Fighting

  1. This is NOT a funny video by any means. This looks to be a pet because I can clearly see how the primary feathers or wingtips have been cut which is clearly an indicative sign of it being a pet. I've been in the avian field now for nearly 30yrs having both wild & exotic pet species experience. I've worked with everything from Birds of Prey to Songbirds and small to large parrots. Of which I currently own and share my life with 6 medium to large species one of which just happens to be an IRN or Indian Ringneck as shown in this video clip. And while I know these birds are quite feisty and can deliver a nasty bite when they want to it would be VERY easy for this Hooded Crow to kill this IRN which in my estimation is clearly what is going on here. Hooded Crows are HIGHLY predatory and will NOT stop at the chance of killing something they feel is sick or vulnerable and especially where they feel they have the upper hand. And in this case they surely did because of this poor IRN's clipped wing predicament and not being able to escape properly. It just wouldn't surprise me if someone decided to just give up on there pet and throw it out the window thus putting the poor animal in a defenseless situation where it doesn't know how to fend for itself. I can only hope this poor bird met a a good fate and was able to thrive perhaps into a wild flock of it's own. Because I know just how resilient the "Psittacula family" really is they don't give up that easily and are HIGHLY adaptable.

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