CRAZY PARROT RAIN DANCE by ‘LUCKY’, our African Grey Parrot – British Virgin Islands, Caribbean!

Some of you will already remember ‘Lucky’, our African Grey Parrot that lives and travels with us onboard our sailboat ‘Sophisticated Lady’ in the Caribbean.

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49 thoughts on “CRAZY PARROT RAIN DANCE by ‘LUCKY’, our African Grey Parrot – British Virgin Islands, Caribbean!

  1. Captain Rick, I've never seen a bird so happy to be in the rain! Lucky was such a special bird ~ No, family. Seeing this video today has made my sad day a happy one. I know you lost Lucky a few months ago and my heart goes out to you. Rest in Peace Lucky, you touched the hearts of many. Even those who never had the pleasure of actually seeing you in person. You were and still SO VERY LOVED. ? ?

  2. Hi!! please help!! I am Paul, suffered a nasty stroke, and I would like a free or close to it catamaran! 32-50 feet, or at least a sailboat! I I would love to give you trips any where!! So if its neglected I can Help!! Long as it motors a bit. Theres much more to this story. I need a place to stay, with something to do whenever I can. Right now its only about an hour or two a day, a boat would really help!! I am trying really really hard! I am 250 miles from seattle. I am 58 and had a nasty stroke 2 and a half years ago. It has taken 95% of all my memories away! and my right side of my body, which is slowly comming back. I dont drive and type with one finger, I can use my arms but healing of my right hand is slow. I love sanding and polishing any thing!! (high end painting,I used to do a lot!!) That would take some time to do a boat, I have done a few before! Or is there a rich person that wanted videos of exotic places, or who would care enough to help, who knows!! This so called stroke just wants me to make people happy! Please get a hold of me if you have anything I could have!! We could talk sometime!! I just wanna clean and polish things, it is sooo cool!! love you all, Paul If you know ANYONE have them write!!!!

  3. my grey and I love this video of Lucky dancing happily and so carefree. We watch this together and replay many times so he mimics and calls for Lucky… thank you so much for this 🙂

  4. Wow, I'm so sorry to hear you lost Lucky. I just wanted to let you know how much happiness Lucky brings Shredder. Shredder has a lot of pain in his life so that means a lot. He was my disabled sisters bird. She died at age 23, then my brother left to college leaving my grieving Mom with Shredder. She could not handle Shredder imitating my departed sister so she asked me to take him. Shredder had started plucking by this time from all the stress in his life. I still battle that but he's a happier bird. I just want you to know how much Shredder loves these videos. I hope this message finds you

  5. Vraiment marrant et attendrissant . Moi aussi je filme mes perroquets , chiens , et chevreuils . Venez me voir sur : YouTube Google+  ; Facebook ; Twitter . A bientôt , ce que vous faites est formidable . VOS ANIMAUX EXTRAS !!!!! ( vidéos animalières d'élise , vidéos d'élise , vidéo illuminations d'élise ) .  Je vous embrasse .

  6. this Lucky is so super adorable I want to meet her one day! so cute she loves bathing in the rain. to be honest i subscribe because of her, she sure is lucky to travel everywhere and to have an awesome owner!

  7. My two Eclectus act like this in the shower or when they are out in the rain on their tree in my lanai. But Lucky is definitely the queen of rain dance. Your videos are so happy and upbeat and they are just gorgeous, so clear and colorful !

  8. Aahhh Rick, she is so missed already. My deepest condolences, Lucky was such an awesome companion and next time we get to sail it just won't be the same. RIP Lucky I only had the pleasure of a week with you but you left a long lasting stamp on me.

  9. Lucky is beautiful…and, what a character. As a bird lover and 'owner' (we don't really feel like we own our animals, more like we own each other) I think most parrots are characters. We had a blue-fronted amazon who passed away about 8 months ago and she was my best friend. Such a sweet, crazy, loving, lovable girl. After her, we lost another parrot (green cheek conure) about a month later – apparently, two unrelated issues. We would like to get another parrot – my husband wants an African Grey or a Macaw, but I'm still so heartbroken over losing two friends. So…I watch Lucky, Bowie (an Indian Ringneck parakeet), Marnie and Einstein…and a few others. Thank you for sharing your amazing friend's antics with us.

  10. I have parrots too. I used to have an Avian Rescue but had to give it up after I had a stroke. I do have 3 of my own birds, a CAG, a double yellow head Amazon and a blue and gold macaw. I have 5 (4 different species of amazons and a goffin cockatoo) that have contracts to not re-home, whom will remain with me until the end of one of us. They are all willed to my children, whom they all grew up with, in the event that I go first. I have only one question….how is it that Lucky doesn't fly away? I have a few birds that I take outside regularly but they stay with me. I'd think that out there on the boat, it would be quite likely that Lucky would catch a wind and be gone. Another thought is why wouldn't either another bird or even certain fish come after Lucky? How and why doesn't it happen? I get very nervous and won't take mine outside on a breezy day after hearing so many sad stories of lost birds.

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