Confused Cockatoo Thinks She’s a Dinosaur | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

Hello parrot lovers, This is my cockatoo Jersey actin like a dinosaur. For those of you new to my channel, Jersey is the same cockatoo from the viral video, …

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17 thoughts on “Confused Cockatoo Thinks She’s a Dinosaur | PARROT VIDEO OF THE DAY

  1. I have been watching you're videos for a few days now and was hoping I could ask you a question. I have a 10 year old Eclectus parrot and he has been biting his wing feathers and tail feathers off. He was abused and he has chosen me. I am really kinda new at this. I love him very much and would do anything for him. Do you have any advice to why he is doing this to himself?

  2. so cute! and so much personality!!!
    also fun fact: birds actually ARE dinosaurs! they were the only lineage of dinos to survive the end-Cretaceous mass extinction! (the giant meteor that wiped out all other dinosaurs – we still don't actually know why birds survived but gosh dangit they must be pretty special!)

  3. He has such a nice family and new home. I am sure he will be fully recover soon.
    I can't wait for seeing him growing back his feather again!
    Wish you can share his story one day 🙂
    Happy Easter. All the love from Taiwan!

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