chinook the crazy 50 pence dancing hip hop cockatoo parrot

Chinook can be found in the pubs and sidewalks of Sausalito, California, chillin and bustin it to hip hop. Enjoy a hip hop dancing, parrot, cockatoo, named …

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16 thoughts on “chinook the crazy 50 pence dancing hip hop cockatoo parrot

  1. It is a cute video. Molluccans are great birds, I have one too. Good idea how you slowed the video down to make it look like the "gangsta" walk. Be cool to your Too! (that means cockatoo for unbird people)

  2. How desperately sad it is for this poor wild creature that he spends his life touring streets and public bars, soley for the entertainment of the ignorant. Its sure is a hell of a long way from the open skies and freedom that are so rightfully his. No wonder my hands were so overloaded when I ran my rescue sanctuary. It DOES look cute, but think about the REALITY for this captive, wild creature. THAT is NOT so cute and appealing, is it 🙁

  3. You have four dancers, and not an ounce of rhythm between you! Even 50 Pence would be embarrassed of this video. This video spells the end for hip-hop and all it stands for. Now don't get me wrong, I think Pence is funny. But what you guys did is just distasteful.

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