Cats VS Drones Mega Compilations November 2016. Funny cats.

Funny moments with cats and drones. Fights cats and drones. Funny cats When shooting videos, no cat does not hurt))) More videos from all countries on our …

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34 thoughts on “Cats VS Drones Mega Compilations November 2016. Funny cats.

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    Step1: Highlight the numbers.
    Step2: Ctrl and F.
    Step3: Put 9 in.
    Step4: Enjoy!

  2. What next? Spank your lunch? People who do this have "Type A" personalities! Most likely while they were children to be stingy as a child, use fire crackers on animals, abuse several women at a time but claim they only have a single girlfriend. Classic Narcissism

  3. Yeh ! I agree ' the prop's can cut like a knife ! I'v had Heli copter's & Drone's & ' or quad copters + a # of R C cars & trucks ' but my 2 cats have NO Intrest In any of them ' My 3 doges acki like mainiack's ! Like It's some thing they meed to KILL !!!

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