Bird Sings to Dog During Lunch | Meal Time Serenade

This adorable bird is putting a great show for his on the It’s not every day that you get a theme song to your meal time. Original Link: …

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29 thoughts on “Bird Sings to Dog During Lunch | Meal Time Serenade

  1. Aww he looks exactly like my ole Cockatiel. His name was Smokie. He survived a House Fire, Eagle Attack and multiple Door Slams. He loved to chew cigarette butts and drank coffee. He also had this crazy foot fetish. A real cranky bird yet every morning he would cozy right up to my ear and sing amazing bird songs. My roommate chased him out the door with a Broom. This was years ago and I'm still pissed about it. The toughest most incredible animal in the world and it was just a little Bird.

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