Best Bird Video Talking Parrots Dancing Cockatoos Singing Parrots Compilation

All rights to parts of the video and it’s music go to: Visual content administered by Fremantle International “WHIP MY HAIR”, musical composition administered …

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28 thoughts on “Best Bird Video Talking Parrots Dancing Cockatoos Singing Parrots Compilation

  1. Per Alyson Kalhagen (Pet Birds Expert) "Boredom in pet birds, especially in parrots, contributes to an array of issues that extend from social complications into the realms of behavioral and physical health problems. Birds are extremely smart and emotionally sensitive. Some parrot species are even able to demonstrate the reasoning skills of a 5 year old child. While keeping such intelligent creatures constantly occupied seems like an almost impossible task, there is a way that it can by done by remembering a few simple steps. Read on to discover how easy it is to keep your bird mentally stimulated without driving yourself crazy in the process" The rest of her article recommends 5 things including bird related music for pet birds. Her entire article should be of interest to all bird owners.
    I believe my video  can be part of one of her steps.  This video was recorded in Belize and includes 19 minutes of early morning  wild rainforest bird songs.  I recommend you play this for your pet bird every day especially when you are out. One way of playing this in a loop is from the play list. I have added a link to the play list with a card that will come up in the top right hand corner. The loop icon has two arrows pointing in opposite directions. This is a free method of providing some variety for your pet.
    I think your bird will like these bird songs and be less bored if you play them. For Belize bird songs see
    For Florida bird songs

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