Beautiful Blue Exotic Parrot Takes A Shower

Parrot Takes A Shower Beautiful blue exotic Parrot takes himself a shower at the kitchen sink Pet parrot Takes A Shower.

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12 thoughts on “Beautiful Blue Exotic Parrot Takes A Shower

  1. My concern about parrots as pets is there are many US breeders whom operate parrot breeding like puppy mills and thousands of parrots and other exotic birds are stolen from the wild as it is illegal to do so, for the black market animal trade, to sell these innocent, traumatized birds to buyers. Only obtain an exotic bird as a rescue, one whom needs a home or a very well regarded, accredited, moral breeder. Also do not keep in a cage they like to fly around and they like companionship. Truly they belong n the wild with other birds.

  2. Quit messing with his shower lady!! He wants a powerful shower! Don't you know that's how you get ready to be a boss for the day. Jeez, I hate it when people try to tell me how to take my shower. By the way, you need to teach him how to conserve water, we are in a DROUGHT!!! Lol

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