Barbara Heidenreich with Groucho the Singing Parrot on the Tonight Show

I was fortunate to be on the Tonight Show a few years back with Groucho the singing parrot from Natural Encounters Inc. Groucho sings seven songs.

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48 thoughts on “Barbara Heidenreich with Groucho the Singing Parrot on the Tonight Show

  1. Jay Leno is an idiot around animals. He always tries to touch without asking. Maybe he secretly hates his fingers? I keep my Amazon parrot in his carrier because of people like Jay Leno. I constantly watch to make sure no one gets too close, but I'd feel more comfortable with a carrier that keeps out fingers.

  2. I LOVE those birds! I have two myself and they are GREAT company.
    Leno, on the other hand, is a STUPID ASSHOLE!!!! He thinks he is funny, but he doesn't know how to!
    I thought I was the only one that despised him, but after reading the comments, I am NOT the only one!
    Leno is the lowest of the low!!!!

  3. It is unfortunate that, when the microphone is turned on for Ms. Heidenreich, at about 6:40-something of the clip, there is an annoying intermittent rumble due presumably to some kind of electrical interference, from about 6:59 on. I tried cleaning it up by extracting the audio, and using Sound Forge Pro's cleaning tools, as well as another program, but I haven't been able to get rid of it. Is there a master copy of the program available, one with multiple audio channels, one of which might be cleaner, or was the problem completely due to the microphone connection, and is therefore present on all channels (if there were more than one)?

  4. Thats too bad, thats the worst showing I've ever seen from Pancho.  The trainer didn't help. Funny about the lack of African Greys. Not only could a Grey get a whole song down the bird would sound near identical to the person they learned it from.

  5. @ Fatima Gentle,
    the second bird (Poncho) is a brilliant little guy who had previously been on The The Tonight Show in 1981. He sings at least seven songs and actually performs far better than what is shown here. Poncho didn't have as good a handler here as he did on his 1981 appearance, and Leno's constant interrupting was very distracting to the bird so it didn't perform nearly as well here as it did in 1981 when Carson was the host. Leno STINKS around animal acts, whereas Carson was always terrific around all the animals who guested on The Tonight Show.

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