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Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo. Follow Gotcha and family on Instagram!: ‼PLEASE READ⏬⏬⏬‼ ❗please keep in …

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46 thoughts on “All clean ☺

  1. i have watched a couple of other channels with cockatoo and they either shows the cockatoo playing or the video is too long. thank you for being informative about the care of gotcha and not being too long (i like other channels). i also agree with gavin dawn about why people dislike your videos.

  2. I can't handle the Gotchya shower time cuteness! also, for people considering adopting a bird, go through all of your cleaning supplies and throw away any non bird friend fly cleaning products! research everything. I read an article of a lady who's birds died or had health issues from being around furnature treated with Old English furniture polish.

  3. These birds are amazing. I love seeing how they each have a very unique personality of their own. I will never believe that all they do is mimic, I truly believe they comprehend most, if not all of what is being said and what is going on. Gotcha is such a good bird and entertaining as can be!!

  4. Oh Gotcha your too adorable, love that foot stomping so much gets me every time , lol don't forget to blow dry the birdy butt mum as he raises his butt , so cute and funny , Gotcha loves that blow dryer ❤️

  5. I am ecstatic I found this channel! Gotcha is an amazing bird and watching him with his owner is just a great learning experience. I wish I could have a bird like this but I couldn't give the attention and time that it deserves. My son and I loooove the subtitles and crack up with his chatter.

  6. I think Gotcha is happier when it's a warmer hair dryer. He got excited when Mom switched from low & cool to medium & warm. (Yes, I remember NO TEFLON and NOT HOTTEST settings from the descriptions in other shower videos!)

  7. My old bird named Pumpkin died not so long ago and I miss her so very much ;-;
    She died from a heart attack because she was old and her old owner had her on a bad diet which made her overweight.
    I miss her so much and Gotcha reminds me of her so much. It makes me sad but happy at the same time.

    Rip my feathered friend.

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