African Grey Parrot Sings Gangnam Style

Kookoo my 2.5 year old African Grey, talks to him self, the dog, and me. He sings Gangnam style at 1:04, 1:25, 2:35…

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32 thoughts on “African Grey Parrot Sings Gangnam Style

  1. she is cute but needs more toys and perches. The perch she is on now can cause bumblefeet. her cage is small for her size too. friendly advice to make sure your friend is happy. remember she has the intellectual capability of a 6 year old.

  2. Kookoo could use a bigger cage, varied sized perches (that dowel will hurt his feet over time) and a window for psychological well-being and stimulation. Greys need a lot of enrichment or they will become bored and depressed. I have learned a lot over the years to help my parrots so please research the best care possible for your sweet bird.

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