A weird Cockatoo conversation…lol *subtitled*

Gotcha the Moluccan Cockatoo. Follow Gotcha on Instagram!: I have no idea folks…. Hahaha. I honestly don’t know if …

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27 thoughts on “A weird Cockatoo conversation…lol *subtitled*

  1. Usually Gotcha's video are so funny. This one is a little sad. It sounded like he was repeating something sad that he saw or heard in his other life. Also it didn't really even sound like his normal chirpy voice. I hope he's back to his crazy self again.

  2. its things like this that make me wonder if animals are actually smarter then people and know that somewhere in the future somethings going to just snap or somethings there in the world that we dont know of….this bird could be the inspiration of an amazing movie and possibly open some peoples eyes

  3. THANK YOU for taking Gotcha and saving his life. I can't imagine the trauma he experienced. I knew a rescue bird that witnessed his owners arguing then a murder. The bird screamed "NO. Please no." Give that boy some love for me. And, thanks again for promoting rescue/rehab for the animals.

  4. I think I know what's going on! Gotcha told the owner to watch him or else the birds from bird city will watch them. Including that bug. Gotcha tried telling them that he's not a city boy so that they don't watch him and owner. He tries to confuse them by saying that all the birds where mistakes and make the bird city birds feel bad when Gotcha got rescued… Gotcha's idea was to wash the table so those birds don't think it was them. His second idea was to send a rocket on space so Gotcha and owner will live there. Poor gotcha doesn't wanna be stalked by those bullies birds…..
    Edit: holly crap that's a lot and I doubt anyone's gonna read this "essay"

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