3 Jose The Best Talking Quaker Parrot in the World (11 months)

Recorded on April 30, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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28 thoughts on “3 Jose The Best Talking Quaker Parrot in the World (11 months)

  1. I loved my own Quakers reaction to the noises. But your too confident in him and your basically trying to kill your own bird. Caffeine is terrible for birds. What I mean by being to confident in him is the title. I'm sure he's not the best talking Quaker Parrot in the world.

  2. I had never had a bird before, until i banysat my friends Quaker, Yoshi, and just recently adopted. but know, they have the intelligence of a 2-3 year old as far as quakers go. so it's a bond and a loveed one. a family member. They will NOT love you unconditionally. They take a lot of time and effort and money to handle and take care of. In captivity they can live to 30-35 years. That is a long time commitment. Im still learning and experiencing and yes…they can communicate if you teach them by actilns with words instead of copying, but it's the easiest way to teach them communication since they are flock animals. That being said, they want to dine with you. eat and drink whatever you are having. I have gotten off of caffine because of my little guy, and it helps immensely. So…please tell me this is decaf… (also, maybe I just got super lucky, but i can stick my hand in the cage and have hime step up and from what o know that is completely uncommon and rare for a quaker as they are very territorial…so idk. Yoshi's vocab is vast…and he's a jerk as far as laughing when its innapropriate and yet so appropriate.

  3. never give a bird coffee big no no. however Jose is adorable witch is why I love my Quaker boogie. just as talkative and silly. when I'm down or depressed he always cheers me up and makes laugh. they are true treasures. had mine at vet for routine checkup all is good. wanna make sure my boogie is happy and healthy.

  4. This parrot is amazing….and is brilliant! How is he doing now? Adorable! ? I want one now…I have a parakeet…doesn't talk, but trained her to do a few tricks. Just love birds! ?

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