ContentIDの著作権侵害が取り下げられ、無事動画が私の手元に戻ってきました!twitter、youtubeヘルプフォーラム、クリエイター コミュニティ、Jukin…

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26 thoughts on “ごきげんさんわせぉ

  1. Dear author of the video with the marching white-bellied parrot. Her bird gave me a lot of pleasure during a very difficult time and the enthusiasm of other people in Germany was very big. The videos were shown in many TV shows. I now also buy white-bellied parrots, so the video convinced me. In
    the last days I saw the other homage to your bird by editing your video
    and that I feel as an honor that was part of your sweet, unique bird. It
    makes me all the more saddened that I had to see today that these whole
    videos were deleted because of the copyright claim of YouTube. I would be very interested in why?

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